Software Disclaimer

Be careful when use Article Genie.

Article Genie is a powerful software that invisible spins content to make it unique on Google & Search Engine Eyes - when you’re using Article Genie to sell articles, its important to make changes and rewrite the content. You can use the Turbo Spinner App we provided, to help you rewrite the content (making changes in the naked eyes as well), also make sure to add your own words, phrases and do your own rewrite to make it unique and don’t be considered a plagiarism.

If you’ll use Article Genie in your own advantage, in your own sites, make sure you add the content source into the articles.

We can’t control the way you’ll use our software, so we can’t be responsible for any damage or loss that could happen by using the software in the wrong way. If you have any concern, check your attorney. When you use our software, you're accepting to use at your own risk.

We’re not aware of any lawsuits filed due to spinning articles, but be sure to check with an attorney near you if this is a concern since WNL (We're not lawyers).

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